dog breeds in india, pet accessories in india, fish accessories, fish aquarium in indiaI am a proud owner of Poultry farm and Dog Kennels. Where I have multiple pets such as dogs (German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Labrador and Doberman), Cows, rabbits, Fishes in four different different 6 and 8 Foot aquarium which contains (Flower horn, Parrot Fist, Oscar Fish, Tetra etc.) and Hens. 

I Love and Care a animal a lot. To have a Dog as companion gives a good feeling, love and affections toward animals.
From the beginning till now i always have a dog with me at my home. My father also loves a animal a lot.

We created this website to share information with others and to love animals and care them. If anyone need any information regarding pet animals then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Website Pet Care Info provides information about Pets such as how to care pets, what do pets eat, pet health remedies, pets accessories. Also provide interesting facts related to pet animals.

Lets Care Pets Together !!!!!!! 

Thank you!!!!