dog breeds in india, pet accessories in india, fish accessories, fish aquarium in indiaFrom more than 19 years we are in pet care and  breeding. We have multiple kennels and poultry farms. We are working in collaboration with lot of others kennels and genuine passionate breeders in multiple Countries.
Which means we pet care info is the group of passionate pet care and pet loving peoples, whose vision is that each and every family should have loving pet at home.

We know about the feeling and emotions attached with pets and to have a new pet in a family.
We (Pet Care Info Group of kennels and breeders) together want to maintain the originality of the breeds and our main objective is to provide or deliver original breed, healthy, happy and best quality pet to pet lovers because we know the feelings behind to have a pet at home, who is the part of our family, lives with our children's and family members.
Currently we have lots of trust able partners in various countries (provinces, states and cities) who also have the same vision, passion and love towards the pet care.
Along with this we also help people with the knowledge or information related to pets such as what to do when you pet having any health problem, skin problem, shedding problem, what food will be good for the specific dog breed, grooming advice, dog breed advice for the family etc. We do not charge any fees for any such information's.
Along with this we also help those who want to give there pet to any other family due to any reason and we also help to those, who want to adopt those loving pets after having a session with new pet parents. Because we want pet and the family both will be happy after adoption.
Along with this we also work for the safety of street dog, veterinary requirement or any other which help them towards the healthy life.
We are also working towards creating the shelter home for those dog living in the streets, left by the pet parents and need shelter. Soon we will be giving and publishing all those details in our website. 
If some one want to work with us feel free to contact us. We are looking for passionate kennel owners, breeder and pet lovers. 
Do not forget to Contact Us, Lets Care Pets Together !!!!!!! 

Thank you!!!!