All the required information we have given below in the article, please read the same before buying a dog. 

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The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear a word pet dog is love, affection and care. A companion who loads our life full of happiness and fun, someone who always with us and with our family in any condition and always take care of the family from those have bad eyes. There are two ways to have a pet dog is adopt a puppy for free or buy a puppy from someone. We actually help in both the ways. Adopting a puppy for free is basically depends on the availability and on owner terms and conditions and buying a puppy depends on the required breed availability and buyer’s location. We always tried to arrange puppies from families because we don’t like the ways the pet shops and pet breeders raise puppies. We have also shared the required information below which will help you to select the dog as per your requirement and the things which will be helpful before buy a dog or puppy.

For both the condition fill below information and send to us. We will contact you as per the availability of the puppies.

If someone call you from our name, please do not entertain them. We first email you the details with our email id - (Pet Care Info), in the email we share our phone number from where you can directly call and adopt the dog after all the required verification and documents. After you are satisfied with all the things then only adopt in case of free adoption and only pay in case of paid adoption.

Some Dog breeds good for Apartment

We always believe, dog breeds never bother pet lovers. All dog breeds including street dogs are all can be a good pets and family companion. But the thing is, which we should take care before adopting or buying a pet is pet needs, that do we have enough space in our house or not. Because every dog has its own requirements. Big dog breeds need big space or surroundings to raise them and to roam. The size of apartment mostly varies from 1200 sqft to 1800 sqft. so, we suggest small dog breeds that would be more than happy in an apartment. Raising a puppy requires and higher level of commitment. So based on the feedback received from people having pets in apartment. Below are some dog breeds good for apartment living, we have already given all the required information related to below dog breeds in our website:

1. Shih Tzu

2. Dachshund

3. Lhasa Apso

4. French Bulldog

5. Chihuahua

6. Pomeranian

7. Maltese

8. Poodle

Dog breeds good for independent houses or house having good space.

We always recommend to first adopt the puppies we find them in our colonies and on streets or any family is willing to give without any cost so that at least we can give them shelter, medical care to them and at least we can someone a good life from our end. If as we mentioned above pets are not available then you can buy a dog for you. You can contact us we will arrange a pure breed puppy or dog for you. Large dog breed will be good if you looking a dog specially for guarding, companion who can take care to your farms, houses with large open areas, house which are in the outer areas, big houses etc. There is very good large breed which are guard dog, a good family companion, lovable and not harmful for family members. But they need good trainings to be good in all parameters we have mentioned above.

Below are some large dog breeds good for Independent and big houses, we already have given all the required details in our website related to every dog breed:

1. German Shepherd

2. Doberman Pinscher

3. Rottweiler

4. Bullmastiff

5. Akita

6. Belgian Malinois

7. Labrador (Only as a family companion and lovable dog)

8. Boxer

9. Tibetan Mastiff

Things to take care before buy a dog or puppy or before adopting a puppy

The must any very important thing is that what should be taken care before buy a dog or puppy because some time we heard from people that they did not get the original breed dog, when they got a puppy, he got suffer from disease and passed away, puppies are not of good health, puppies are aggressive etc. So, either you can get the puppy from anyone you can trust with or you can take care of below points:

1. Puppy should be at least of 3 months so that he should be proper feeded with his/her mother milk.

2. Before buy a dog, you should check the vaccination card of a dog or puppy. Puppy should be vaccinated as required after the birth and there should be valid vaccination card a seller should have. So, ask for vaccination card always.

3. Puppy should be healthy and when you see him, he should be friendly and you at least observe from your inside that he is happy.

4. Dog breed verification from her father and mother. You can ask seller that show his/her mother and father and when he shows you then left the puppy to his/her mother to get verified. Sometime seller says that they have a pic of mother and father and he can’t show them, so it means that seller is an agent and he want to sell the puppy or dog to make his money anyhow.

5. Please read government norms before getting a puppy or dog from anyone and always adopt or buy a puppy from anyone as per government rules and regulation.

6. If you adopted a dog from street or taken from anyone, then please go for puppy required vaccination in any nearby vet clinic. That will the good for dog and as wells as good for family members. For more information on dog vaccinations, you can contact us, we will give you information related to the same.

When you get the puppy from us, please do verify all the facts we have mentioned above and after that only buy the dog or puppy or adopt a puppy from our people. Please do share all these information with anyone of your friend, dear one who is willing to adopt a puppy or dog.

We hope all the information we have mentioned above to buy a dog or puppy, things you should take care before adopt or buying a dog, breed as per house etc. will be helpful for you. We hope you get the lovable family companion you want. To buy or adopt a puppy from us you can fill the form we have given on the top. Please do comment below to share something related to pet animal, any story your feelings towards pets in below comments box. We love to hear from you.