Shih Tzu is a very popular dog breed in India.Shih tzu are lovely family companion lap dogs. They are affectionate and happy love to follow family people from room to room. Shih tzu are very adaptable dogs and are best for apartment living. Shih tzu love to go for daily walks and love to play games either indoor or out door. Shih is loving, affectionate family dog with happy temperaments. Shih tzu breed's is alert, confident, playful, and courageous among other toy breeds. So, if you are looking to adopt Shih Tzu puppy in Rajkot and you are willing to know more about the Shih Tzu puppy price in Rajkot or Shih Tzu cost in Rajkot then you are landed on the right place.
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The Original Breed Shih Tzu Puppy Price in Rajkot with KCI or without KCI is around:

Price : 8,000 Rs to 25,000 Rs
Free Adoption:
When there is an availability, there are several case when any dog parent family wants to give their pet to someone due to several reasons. We help them and provide pet a new loving and caring pet parents. Please mention in comments if you willing to do free adoption.
Shih Tzu puppies are available in white, gold, black and combinations.

What we offer is: First see the Shih Tzu puppy, Ensure and feel the quality and if you feels that, this is what you need, then only pay.We only deal with Original Breeds. 
Happy puppy makes the family more happy.

Shih Tzu cost in Rajkot, Shih Tzu price in Rajkot, Shih Tzu baby price in Rajkot, cost of Shih Tzu in Rajkot, price of Shih Tzu in Rajkot, Shih Tzu Puppy cost in Rajkot
Please note** that Shih Tzu baby price or Shih Tzu puppy cost may differ, as it totally depends on Shih Tzu puppy or Shih Tzu dog age, vaccinations, health conditions, gender such as male or female, location and delivery charges based on locations.
Definitely, you will heard from other mediums, that Shih Tzu puppies cost around 7,000Rs-12,000Rs but please beware of mixed breeds, fake sellers and any type of fraud. Before buying the puppies please check the purity and originality of breed then only buy the Shih Tzu babies or Shih Tzu dog from them.
Remember Original breed is Original because only original breed should have Good Temperament and Qualities which the Original Shih Tzu breeds should have and Shih Tzu cost in Rajkot depends on that originality only.

We will share some below important information here related to Shih Tzu puppy such as:

1. What thing you have to take care while adopting Shih Tzu puppy or Shih Tzu Baby? 
2. Name of some Pet shops in Rajkot along with their addresses.

Important things you should take care while Adopting Shih Tzu Dog in Rajkot:

1. Shih Tzu dog should be of Original Breed (Tail, Color, Muzzle size, head, back size, leg size, Bone size, Skin, coat and Health etc)
2. Dog should be vaccinated with required vaccination. Vaccination card should be given by the seller.
3. Shih Tzu puppy or Dog health should be good and he should not be aggressive and most important puppy should be happy. 

4. Mother and Father of Shih Tzu Puppy or Shih Tzu baby should not be same blood line.(Surety of Better breed and for puppies future health) 

5. Government guidelines has to be following while purchasing and doing sale of Shih Tzu baby in Rajkot with proper documentation.

Basic Information of Shih Tzu Dog:

Shih tzu is a loving and affectionate toy breed dog. Shih tzu can make a wonderful family companion dog if they are properly trained and cared.
Shih tzu is a toy breed and available in long dense coat and in multiple colors. Shih tzu coat requires regular grooming. Shih tzu weight range up t 4-7 kilograms and height ranges upto 8-11 inches. Shih tzu can bark, even barking tendency in shih tzu is high. Shih tzu life span is about 14-16 years. Most common colors of shih tzu are white, gold, black and combinations.Shih Tzu are great with children as long as the child is old enough to handle a dog gently and respectfully.

 Shih Tzu cost in Rajkot, Shih Tzu price in Rajkot, Shih Tzu baby price in Rajkot, cost of Shih Tzu in Rajkot, price of Shih Tzu in Rajkot, Shih Tzu Puppy cost in Rajkot
For Original Shih Tzu breed in various colors such as black, golden white or yellow, chocolate. You can directly contact us. We ensure you and will make sure that you will not disappointed and you will get the dog which you want. No one can compete us with the given Shih Tzu puppy price in Rajkot or Shih Tzu baby Price in Rajkot and the services provided by us. We only deal with best, original and genuine breed.
Please make sure while adopting a Shih Tzu dog in Rajkot or any other pet animal either from us or from any other pet shop in Rajkot that the government guidelines should be followed and well documented. Because buying a documented pet animal following government guideline ensures that you will receive the original breed, healthy breed and whatever age of the pet animal was told by the seller would be correct.
If you are looking to adopt the Shih Tzu puppy in Rajkot from the pet shop. There are lots of pet shops in Rajkot. Please find the below list of pet shops available in Rajkot:

Some Pet shops in Rajkot:


Address: 1st Floor,behind Patel Vihar Restaurant,behind dominos pizza, Kalavad Rd, near wockhardt hospital, besides tvs jivrajani show room, Rajkot, Gujarat 360011

Dodiya pet shop and aquirium

Address: Landmark Building Shop No 28 Opp Parth Imaging Centre, Astron Chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001


Address: Opp. Nirmala School, Nr. Paras Soc. Gate, Nirmala Convent, Main Rd, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007


Address: Riddhi Siddhi Complex, Near Jaynath Hospital, Bhaktinagar Circle, Rajkot, Gujarat

Delux Aquarium & Pet Shop

Address: Sadar Bazar Main Rd, opp. VINOD BAKERY, Sadar Bazar, Sadar, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

A to Z Pet Shop

Address: New jagnath, near jasmin driving school, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

Prince Products

Address: 5a, Sant Kabir Rd, Sadguru Society, Mayur Nagar, Shakti Industrial Zone, Rajkot, Gujarat 360003

CLASSIC Exotic Pet Shop

Address: Phulchhab Chowk, Sadar, opposite Phulchhab Press, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

A 2 Z Kennel & Animal Shop

Address: Mahakali Temple Main Rd, Jagnath Plot, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

Hi Puppy Pet Spot Rajkot

Address: 25, Dev's Arcade Near Bhonsla Military School, Samarth Nagar Next to world of titan showroom, Maharashtra 422005

Fins Aquariums & Pets

Address: KALPAVRUKSH apartment, Ambajikadwa garbi chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat

Shree Panjwani Shoppe

Address: Janki Park Main Road Opp. Jivrajani TVS Show-Room,Ridhi sidhi complex’s street Nr. Eklovya Building, Kalavad Rd, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001


Address: 1, Nandanvan Park St, Indian Park, Rajkot, Gujarat 360005

Water World

Address: Plus Point, 3, Dr Yagnik Rd, near Kalyan Jewellers, Complex, Jagnath Plot, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

Lucky Dogs

Address: Amin Marg, opp. Ganga Hall, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007

K-9 Pets

Address: New Ashram Rd, Near Balak Hanuman, Ranchod Nagar Society, Arya Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat 360003

Akshar Medicines

Address: Beside Landmark Hospital , Near Mahakali Mandir Chowk, 25, Main Rd, Jagnath Plot, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

Sabrin's Canine

Address: HEBRON Railnagar Society 2, Plot No 80, Behind Popatpara, Opp Ishwar Bungalow, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001 

Pet Corner Food and Accessories

Address: Space Complex, 21, New Jagnath Plot., Mahakali Temple Main Rd, Jagnath Plot, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001
Shih Tzu cost in Rajkot, Shih Tzu price in Rajkot, Shih Tzu baby price in Rajkot, cost of Shih Tzu in Rajkot, price of Shih Tzu in Rajkot, Shih Tzu Puppy cost in Rajkot

We hope the above details and the information given about Shih Tzu puppy price in Rajkot will be useful to you and will help you to adopt healthier, happier, vaccinated and original breed Shih Tzu dog in Rajkot. We have told above that what all factors you have to be taken care while adopting a dog from anyone. Please do consider all the things as Shih Tzu cost in Rajkot will depend on all those fact or points. After all the adopted dog is the one who make our family smile especially our Kids and believe us when you return from your work your dog will do all the thing which makes you happy and to remove all your tensions. Feel free to contact us for any information required on pet animals. Be Happy with Your Pet and give them lots of love.