Sale of Labrador puppy in Ambala, Labrador dog for sale in Ambala, Price of Labrador Puppy in Ambala, Cost of labrador puppy in Ambala

Labrador Dogs are the best family companions. To adopt the Labrador puppy, there are lots of pet shop in your cities and website where you will find lots of Labrador puppy for sale in Ambala. But the most important questions while adopting Labrador puppies are
1. Is Labrador puppy is of original breed?
2. What would be the Labrador puppy price in Ambala?
3. The price quoted for Labrador puppy is best or not?
4. Are you buying the Labrador puppy from registered pet shops or breeders.
5. Labrador puppies are vaccinated as required or not?
6. Are available Labrador puppy for sale in Ambala are from different blood line?

We solve all your problems in a single go because we ensure all above mention point and help dog lovers to adopt original breed healthier and loving Labrador puppy or Labrador Dog. The only thing you have to do is to only click below and contact us. 

Sale of Labrador puppy in Ambala, Labrador dog for sale in Ambala, Price of Labrador Puppy in Ambala, Cost of labrador puppy in Ambala

Benefits to adopt Labrador puppy from us:

1. We ensure the purity and originality of dog breed.
2. We will not demand for any money transaction until you see the puppy, check the purity and quality, dog papers, vaccination card, dog health.
3. We will provide our services even after you adopt the Labrador puppy from us. Services such as advise need for training, food, accessories, any health issue, pet hostel etc.

Things you should take care while buying a Labrador puppy either from us or from any pet shop or breeder.

1. Labrador dog should be of Original Breed (Tail, Colour, Muzzle size, head, Bone size, Skin, Hairs and Health etc)
2. Dog should be vaccinated as required and vaccination card should be given by the seller.
3. Labrador puppy or Labrador dog health should be good and he should not be aggressive and most important puppy should be happy.
4. Mother and Father of Labrador Puppy or Labrador dog should not be same blood line. (Surety of Better breed and for puppy’s future health)
5. Government guidelines has been followed while Labrador puppy purchase or Labrador puppy sale

Sale of Labrador puppy in Ambala, Labrador dog for sale in Ambala, Price of Labrador Puppy in Ambala, Cost of labrador puppy in Ambala 

Labrador puppy price can vary when you ask it in different pet shops, breeders etc. because below are some main factors which derive price of Labrador puppy available for sale.

Price Variation Factors are:

1. Breed (Mix or Pure)

Pure breed Labrador puppy is always high in cost because quality and purity always matter when things come to getting a new family member. There are lots of fake or irresponsible breeders those who only bred Labrador for money not for quality or not for purity. So, because of there are chances to get mix breed so if you are planning to adopt then go for genuine and trust able breeders only.
Pure or original breed Labrador puppies will only have the good temperament and the quality which this breed should have due to better genetics. There are lots of chances that mix breed puppies develop hereditary diseases or any other problem. Pure bred puppies always have good health, longer life span and they lesser get sick in in comparison to mix bred. There are lots of good YouTube video available which will help you to understand that how to identify that Labrador is of original breed or not.

2. Age

Right age to adopt the Labrador puppy is around 45 days to 60 days because it is easy to training puppy who of this similar age. Peoples like to adopt puppies rather than dogs until and unless if they are looking for kennels or for breeding propose. Puppies are must costlier than of dogs because of increased demands. If you find someone is selling puppies of lesser age please do not buy and report the same to concerned authorities. Puppies should be of required age because then only you will get healthier and active puppies which has been take care by her mother.

3. Registered Puppy

If you adopt the puppy who is KCI registered then the cost of the puppy in India will be higher. If KCI registered puppy parents are from champions line i.e. they are shows winner then the price of their puppies is much costlier than any other breeders. When you ask breeders to adopt the puppies in India then they most the time says that this puppy is from champion line and many other things. But do remember please verify all the papers and facts before adopting the puppies from them.

4. Location

Delivery charges as per the location will also get included in the dog price.

5. Colour

In India Labrador are available mainly in three colours such as golden white, black and chocolate. There is not much difference between the cost but the colour matters in Labrador puppies’ cost.

Very Basic Information of Labrador Dog Breed:

Labrador retriever is one of most popular breeds in India and America and it is superb social breed and if you want to become first-time pet parent then Labrador retriever is one of the best breeds for you. Labrador retriever has short and dense fur. These dogs do not like to be alone for a long time. The life span of Labrador dogs is around 10 -14 years. The height of Labrador adult dog can reach up-to 21-24 inches and their weight can be up-to 25-35 kilograms. Labrador dogs are very intelligent and have gentle, even tempered and kind temperament. Labrador retriever is one of the best companion dogs for an individual or a family. Labrador dogs are very loyal and highly intelligent dogs they are active and sociable dogs. Labrador Dog can very gentle and friendly companions with proper training and socialization

Below are some of the pet shops in your city where you will find Labrador puppy for sale in Ambala:

Yadav Fish Aquarium And Pet Shop

Address: Shop No 23, Kollan Road, Jandli, Ambala, Haryana 1340035

Sahil Kennel And Pet Shop

Address: Sector 34 A, Model Town Road, Near Police Dav Public School, Ambala, Haryana 160022


Address: 2 , Old Partap Nagar, near Baldev Nagar, Crossing​, Haryana 134007

Royal Retivers kennel

Address: Shivalik colony singawala House number 102, near Durga Nagar, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Vaish Pet Shop

Address: Staff Rd, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133005

Dashing Fish Aquariam

Address: 68, Jalbera Rd, East Durga Nagar, Parshuram Nagar, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Duggal Pet Plaza

Address: #38, Gobind Nagar Rd, near National Model School, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

Sahil Kennel And Pet Shop

Address: Baba sain market shop no. 36 cant, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Tiwana kennal

Address: Shop No.6, Jalbera Rd, East Durga Nagar, Parshuram Nagar, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Ambala pet club

Address: #2186 KACHHA BAZAR AMBALA CANTT HARYANA 133001, Ambala, Haryana 133001

Pet Expo pet Dealer

Address: Staff Road near Amba complex, Ambala, Haryana 133001

Dogs Care Clinic

Address: TB hospital road, near Jyoti dhaba, near madan metro path lab, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Gupta Kennel

Address: 153/3 Shanti Colony, Near Bhatia Pipe Factory, Vill. Singhawala, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Vivek Cars & Kennel (Regd)

Address: Shop. No. 2 Nagar Nigam Market Near Gita Gopal Chowk, Jagadhri Rd, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

Zoey Pet World

Address: New Janakpuri, Ekta Vihar, chowk, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001


Address: Thopkhana parade Plot no 65/121, near Krishna mandir, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

Your Pet Dog Clinic

Address: 17, MC Market, Punjabi Mohalla, Sadar Bazar, Ambala Sadar, Haryana 133001

Angel Aquarium

Address: Angal Aquarium21a/1 Raja park Ambala cantt, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

Dr. Sikri's Dog Care Centre

Address: Dr. Sikri's Dog Care Centre Geeta Gopal Chowk, opp. Liberty, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

Canin Care

Address: Sec-c, Cantt, Defence Colony, Janetpur, Haryana 133001

Shree Garg Dog Dealer

Address: Vill Babyal, near post office, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001


Address: Sector Road, Mata Rani Chowk, Jandali Village, Ambala, Haryana 134003


Address: NEAR, Shop NO. 4, INCO CHOWK, Vikas Vihar, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Jassi Gold Aquarium Pet Dogs & Birds

Address: Shop number 1, Ambala Chandigarh Expy, near GS Memorial School, Badal Colony, Utrathiya, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Nitish Kennel & Pet Shop in Ambala

Address: Azad Nagar, near Pooja Petrol Pump, Ambala, Haryana 133001

Gold Pet Shop

Address: Near Hotel Mittaso, Ambala-Chandigarh Road, Zirakpur-Chandigarh Road, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Nitin Dog kennel's

Address: 33 hari nagar b.d floor mill, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

 Sale of Labrador puppy in Ambala, Labrador dog for sale in Ambala, Price of Labrador Puppy in Ambala, Cost of labrador puppy in Ambala

We hope all the information which we have shared above help you to buying a Labrador puppy of good health, loving, pure and original breed. There are lots of places where you find Labrador puppy for sale in Ambala but we believe above information help you to adopt or buy the Labrador puppy which you want to have with you. Love your pet and you and your pet will love like you are the only one for him in this world.