Golden Retriever Dogs are Affectionate, easygoing and lovable companion dogs and they are having a very playful personality, they are large dogs. Golden Retriever happily lives with the family and he is an excellent and perfect family dog. Golden Retriever dogs (गोल्डन रिट्रीवर डॉग)  are very good to other pets and children so it is a recommendable family dog. He is not a watch dog  and might barks when he see strangers around him. Golden retriever dogs are very intelligent and have very beautiful feathery coat. So, if you are looking to adopt Golden Retriever puppy in Thrissur and you are willing to know more about the Golden Retriever puppy price in Thrissur or Golden Retriever cost in Thrissur then you are landed on the right place.
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The Original Breed Golden Retriever Puppy Price in Thrissur with KCI or without KCI is around:

Price : 15,000 Rs to 40,000 Rs
Free Adoption: When there is an availability, there are several case when any dog parent family wants to give their pet to someone due to several reasons. We help them and provide pet a new loving and caring pet parents. Please mention in comments if you willing to do free adoption.
Golden Retriever puppies are available in gold,white gold, off white, creamy, dark gold(almost chocolate colour)

What we offer is: First see the Golden Retriever puppy, Ensure and feel the quality and if you feels that, this is what you need, then only pay.We only deal with Original Breeds. 
Happy puppy makes the family more happy.

Golden Retriever cost in Thrissur, Golden Retriever price in Thrissur, Golden Retriever baby price in Thrissur, cost of Golden Retriever in Thrissur, price of Golden Retriever in Thrissur, Golden Retriever Puppy cost in Thrissur 
Please note** that Golden Retriever baby price or Golden Retriever puppy cost may differ, as it totally depends on Golden Retriever puppy or Golden Retriever dog age, vaccinations, health conditions, gender such as male or female, location and delivery charges based on locations.
Definitely, you will heard from other mediums, that Golden Retriever cost around 15,000Rs -25,000Rs but please beware of mixed breeds, fake sellers and any type of fraud. Before buying the puppies please check the purity and originality of breed then only buy the Golden Retriever puppy or Golden Retriever dog from them. Below we have given the important things which you can consider while checking the quality of golden retriever baby.

Remember Original breed is Original because only original breed should have Good Temperament and Qualities which the Original Golden Retriever breeds should have and Golden Retriever cost in Thrissur depends on that originality only.

We will share some below important information here related to Golden Retriever puppy such as:

1. What thing you have to take care while adopting Golden Retriever puppy or Golden Retriever Baby?
2. Information of Golden Retriever dog in Hindi such as height, weight, age etc.
3. Name of some Pet shops in Thrissur along with their addresses.

Important things you should take care while Adopting Golden Retriever Dog in Thrissur:

1. Golden Retriever dog should be of Original Breed (Tail, Color, Muzzle size, head, Bone size, Skin, Hairs (Fur-should be smooth and long) and Health etc)
2. Dog should be vaccinated with required vaccination. Vaccination card should be given by the seller.
3. Golden Retriever puppy or Dog health should be good and he should not be aggressive and most important puppy should be happy. 

4. Mother and Father of Golden Retriever Puppy or Golden Retriever baby should not be same blood line.(Surety of Better breed and for puppies future health) 

5. Government guidelines has to be following while purchasing and doing sale of Golden Retriever baby in Thrissur with proper documentation.

Basic Information of Golden Retriever Dog:

Golden Retriever dogs are easy to train dogs because of their intelligence. Golden retriever dogs are very active, playful, gentle and they are best suited for everyone either someone is single, couple or family. For first time pet parents this is one of the best breed and 100% suitable to whom those who have children's at home. Golden Retriever enjoy spending time with family, his eyes is so kind and he is so affectionate that no one will miss to love him. Golden retriever have thick, double and long length coat looks like creamy golden teddy bear. 
Golden Retriever dogs do not like to be alone for a long time. The life span of Golden Retriever dogs is around 10 -13 years. The height of Golden Retriever adult dog can reach up-to 22-24 inches and their weight can be up-to 25-32 kilograms. Golden Retriever dogs are very intelligent and have gentle, even tempered and kind temperament.  
 Golden Retriever cost in Thrissur, Golden Retriever price in Thrissur, Golden Retriever baby price in Thrissur, cost of Golden Retriever in Thrissur, price of Golden Retriever in Thrissur, Golden Retriever Puppy cost in Thrissur
For Original Golden Retriever breed you can directly contact us. We ensure you and will make sure that you will be not disappointed and you will get the dog which you want. No one can compete us with the given Golden Retriever puppy price in Thrissur or Golden Retriever dog price in Thrissur and the services provided by us. We only deal with best, original and genuine breed.
Please make sure while adopting a Golden Retriever dog in Thrissur or any other pet animal either from us or from any other pet shop in Thrissur that the government guidelines should be followed and well documented. Because buying a documented pet animal following government guideline ensures that you will receive the original breed, healthy breed and whatever age of the pet animal was told by the seller would be correct.

गोल्डन रिट्रीवर डॉग ब्रीड के डॉग की कुछ जानकारी नीचे दी गयी हे (Information of Golden Retriever Dog in Hindi):

गोल्डन रिट्रीवर डॉग्स (Golden Retriever Dog) बहुत ही लोकप्रिय डॉग की ब्रीड हे ! इस ब्रीड के डॉग्स बहुत ही बुद्धिमान, स्नेही प्रवति और बहुत ही प्यारे होते हे इसलिए ज्यादातर लोग इन्हे अपने पास रखना चाहते हैं ! ये परिवार के लोगो के साथ और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण घर के बच्चो के साथ बहुत ही प्यार से रहते हैं ! अब ये डॉग ब्रीड भारत में आराम से मिल जाती हे, परन्तु इस बात का ध्यान देना जरुरी होता हे की ब्रीड कही मिक्स तो नहीं हे क्यूंकि मिक्स ब्रीड होने पे इनका व्यबहार कुछ अलग भी हो सकता हे!

गोल्डन रिट्रीवर डॉग्स (Golden Retriever Dogs) कुछ क्रीमी गोल्डन कलर के होते हैं, इनके शरीर के बाल बहुत ही मुलायम एकदम पंख जैसे होते हे और इनके कान लटके हुए होते हैं   ! जब से प्यार से पास में आते हे तो एकदम दिल को छू लेते हे और बहुत ही अच्छा अनुभव मिलता हे इनके साथ खेलने में | मेरे अनुसार तो ये सकरात्मकता की खान होते हैं और इनके होने से घर का वातावरण सकरात्मक और खुशनुमा बना रहता हे!

गोल्डन रिट्रीवर डॉग्स  की शारीरिक ढीलढाल की बात करें तो इनका वजन लगभग 25-32 किलोग्राम होता हे , इनका कलर गोल्डन होता हे और इनके बाल भी बड़े, मतलब डबल कोट और बहुत मुलायम मुलायम होते हे ! गोल्डन रिट्रीवर की ऊंचाई लगभग 22- 24 इंच तक होती हे और इनका सिर मजबूत और चौड़ा होता है। गोल्डन रिट्रीवर का जीवनकाल लगभग 10-13 साल का होता हे!

गोल्डन रिट्रीवर को खेलना बहुत पसंद होता हे और इन्हे आसानी से ट्रेनिंग दी जा सकती हे ! सप्ताह में एक बार हमे इनके बालों को कंघी करना चाहिए, जिससे की इनका कोट अच्छा और आकर्षक बना रहे !

If you are looking to adopt the Golden Retriever puppy in Thrissur from the pet shop. There are lots of pet shops in Thrissur. Please find the below list of pet shops available in Thrissur:

Some Pet shops in Thrissur:


Address:Thekkainiyath house,p.o perinchery-680306, Thrissur, Kerala 680306

Hello Pets

Address:Ground Floor, CJ Tower, Ikkanda Warrior Rd, Opp. Malayala Manorama, Erinjery Angady, Pallikkulam, Thrissur, Kerala 680001

Skyline Pets Care

Address: near Veterinary Hospital, Kokkala, Koorkenchery, Thrissur, Kerala 680021

Pet Shoppe

Address: SNBP Building, Koorkenchery, Thrissur, Kerala 680007

Sindhooram Kennels

Address: MG Road, Kuttipuzha Nagar, Poothole, Thrissur, Kerala 680667

Cadas Pets Hub

Address: kokkali, Padikkala Road, bulding, Thrissur, Kerala 680021

Sofine Kennels

Address:High Rd, Mission Quarters Near St Joseph Convent, Thrissur, Kerala 680001


Address: Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680020


Address: Thayamkulamgara, Cherpu, Thrissur, Kerala 680561

Meenot Aquarium

Address: Near Nandhilath G- Mart, Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala 680002

Buddy Pets

Address: Mannuthy Oorakom Rd, Santosh Nagar, Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala 680651

Shelter Pets and Ornamental Fish

Address:Mulayam Rd, Vengassery, Thrissur, Kerala 680654

Pet's Smart

Address:Harinagar, Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala 680002

Golden Aquarium

Address: Ikkanda Warrior road, &, Jubilee Mission Rd, near Baby Galaxy, East Fort, Thrissur, Kerala 680005

King Aquarium

Address: 1st Floor, Mar Themotheous Charities Bldg, Ikkanda Warrior Rd, Near Malayala Manorama, M T Nagar, Anchery, Thrissur, Kerala 680001

Thaikkattil Aqua Farm

Address: Thaikkaden House , P.O Jubilee Mission, Pipe Line Road, Nellankara, Thrissur, Kerala 680005

Bark N Track K9 Academy

Address: opp. Ahha Polymers, Avinissery, Thrissur, Kerala 680306

Dog Farm

Address: Thrissur Velur Chungam, Kerala 680601

Golden Retriever cost in Thrissur, Golden Retriever price in Thrissur, Golden Retriever baby price in Thrissur, cost of Golden Retriever in Thrissur, price of Golden Retriever in Thrissur, Golden Retriever Puppy cost in Thrissur     
We hope the above details and the information given about Golden Retriever puppy price in Thrissur (गोल्डन रिट्रीवर प्राइस) will be useful to you and will help you to adopt healthier, happier, vaccinated and original breed of Golden Retriever in Thrissur. Golden retriever cost in Thrissur can vary as we have discussed above. We hope the information shared by us above will help you to adopt original and healthy breed. After all the adopted dog is the one who make our family smile especially our Kids and believe us when you return from your work your dog will do all the thing which makes you happy and to remove all your tensions. Feel free to contact us for any information required on pet animals. Be Happy with Your Pet and give them lots of love.